Client Centered Hypnotherapy 100 Hour Hypnosis Course (60 hours in class training, the rest is outside homework)

In 6 short weeks you can begin your new rewarding career as a registered hypnotherapist.

Below is a list of what you will learn in this innovated course:

Basic Hypnosis and Intermediate Hypnotherapy

Intro to class
History of hypnosis
Rules of the mind
First contact with client – Consultation (Business forms & Guidelines)
Inductions (Protocols such as Touch, contact and basic inductions
Deepening induction
Convincing the client they are in hypnosis
Peaceful Place
Ideo motor responses
Ethics and Potential Dangers
Taking client to a happy memory
Emerging from hypnosis
Self hypnosis
Stress management
Starting and building your successful hypnosis business
Office Setup and operation
Specialty topics (Sports, Stop Smoking, Weight management and much more)
Script writing
Making your own professional cds or downloads
Anchors and triggers
Hypnosis via Skype
Regression (to core cause of issue, dealing with fears and phobias, past life regression)
Habit control
Power point of confidence
Pain management (Glove anesthesia)
Graduation Party
You will be provided with a notebook and printed details of each class taught for your notes and study, as well as thumb drive downloads of scripts, instructions of topics, etc..